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  • GPS vehicle tracker

    Live vehicle tracking on phone/computer

  • Smart Parking Management System

    Make your premises more efficient & hassle free

  • Visitor Management System

    Make your premises more efficient & hassle free

  • e-Meal Redemption System

    Manage process of providing meal subsidy

  • Time Attendance For Education

    Automation Manage and capture time and attendance for classes

  • Face Recognition Terminal

    High-perfomance dynamic temperature-type face recognition terminal

  • Facilities Booking Management System

    Facilities booking anytime anywhere at their convenience


AWAL COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT CO. W.L.L. is a full-service identification of the various type of management Software providers. We develop solutions to meet our customer's unique requirements including service and support. Our pre-designed software helps your productivity improvement and easy data management.

AWAL COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT CO. W.L.L offered various types of systems like GPS vehicle tracker, Parking Management System, Visitor Management System, e-Meal Redemption System, Time Attendance For Education, Face Recognition Terminal, etc.

Our Products

GPS vehicle tracker

The GPS vehicle tracking system allows you to track an unlimited number of objects in real-time.

Parking Management System

The Parking Management System provides electronic monitoring and management of parking facilities.

Visitor Management System

Refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information.

e-Meal Redemption System

Treat your employees with flexible benefits scheme that works to your business requirements and improve your efficiency in organisations.

Time Attendance For Education

A time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor their student working hours and late arrivals

Face Recognition Terminal

A face recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image.


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